just me ...though more about you.

art is within those that view it


With the tools of imagery and words, I bring what I have learnt about expression and thoughts to visual and mental works. My goals are to bring out the gifts of the deep thinkers and deep feelers of the world, to help them project themselves into a world that needs them so much.

All of my life I have been a student of what creates a sense of experience.

I studied dance as a youth, performing on stages from the local shopping centre, to the Sydney Opera House and Disneyland in the United States. Dance as a form of expression was a remarkable teacher of what the human body can express without words.

I then studied the arts of sleight of hand and magic. By the time I was 16 I was performing on television and corporate, table-side events for celebrities and heads of state. Magic taught me how much an audience can imagine.

From there I entered a state of despair and unwillingly learnt of the depths a damaged mind can enter. When one is a prisoner in a cell of one’s own creation, you become warden of your own torment. Anguish taught me how different the world can look depending on where you stand.

Many people on my Instagram reveal what they see of themselves in my work.

I look forward to seeing you too.